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Dingle Ireland
Dingle Ireland

I have been in the travel agency business my entire life having grown up with parents in the business.  I started my formal career in 1989 right out of college and cannot imagine doing anything else.  While the world of travel agents has changed drastically how can any day be bad when you get to talk about traveling to different cultures, savoring local foods, meeting new people, seeing heart-stopping beauty? In the US my favorite destination is New Orleans.  I have been visiting New Orleans at least once a year, sometimes more, for 20+ years and still enjoy finding new corners to explore.  New Orleans is so much more than Bourbon Street.  Music on every street corner; the shady streets of the Garden District hiding the mansions dozing in the tropical heat of a summers days;  the cool breeze escaping from a beckoning air conditioned bar;  the unassuming storefront that reveals fabulous food of all kinds; gourmet and work-a-day are just a few of the reasons that keep me going back. Internationally I often set my sights on either Ireland or England. My specialty in Ireland is the West - County Clare and County Galway have been explored extensively.  The stones in Ireland and especially in these counties fairly sing with history;  and if you venture into the local pub in any village you are sure to hear the stories. England boasts unfettered access to trails and footpaths that allow you explore on foot literally the entire country if you wanted.  A walking vacation England,  from village to village, with your bags being taken ahead for you, is an experience that even a modestly fit but adventuresome traveler can do.  But England is not all gentle footpaths either.  For the more active walkers there are plenty of mountains and coastal paths to challenge yourself with while still allowing you to end your day at a comfortable inn, B&B or room above the pub.

Destination Expert:

  • New Orleans
  • England
  • Abita Springs
  • Cornwall
  • Ireland
  • Chile

Travel Specialist:

  • Culinary & Foodie
  • Hiking & Backpacking


  • 2014 Agency of Excellence
  • 2014 Travel Leaders Golden Circle
  • 2013 Travel Leaders Golden Legacy Award
  • 2013 Agency of Excellence
  • 2013 Travel Leaders Golden Circle

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