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Malta And The Meditteranean


One of my most memorable cruises took place in October of 2008. I was fortunate enough to spend seven days aboard the Norwegian Gem visiting a vast variety of exquisite destinations.

On this special cruise I experienced the best of the Mediterranean world. This included expeditions to Rome, Naples, and Malta, just to name a few! The impressive tours of the Vatican, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Coliseum were unlike anything I have ever witnessed. I also had the opportunity to try some local cuisine in Pisa and Rome in addition to what was provided aboard the ship. The weather was perfect and the people were incredibly friendly.

We stopped at so many locations during the trip but my favorite was the island of Malta. This tiny island is beautiful to sail into with ancient structures all along the waterfront. Once we stepped foot on the island, it was simple to navigate using their public transportation system. The Mediterranean or elsewhere, I hope to fill your next cruise with endless possibilities!

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