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Nicole 'Lynae' Bolen

Fort Wayne, IN
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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for travel. When I was a child, my mother managed a travel agency, sparking my love for exploration from an early age. This has made becoming a travel agent with Travel Leaders in Fort Wayne...

A Disney Cruiseliner

Let’s rewind a few years in the past. Back in 2004, I was able to experience the remarkable world of Disney on one of their family-friendly cruises. After departing from Orlando, the cruise made its way to the Bahamas. Of course, the fun didn’t stop there.

A Disney cruise is unlike any other nautical expedition for a number of reasons. While on the boat, I was able to engage in a character meet and greet and attend the world premiere of the popular Disney film The Incredibles. Even before it came out in theaters! It was truly a night to remember.

This is just a taste of the relaxation and fun you can enjoy on a Disney cruise, and my knowledge and expertise can get you there.

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