Biking and Hiking in France

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Enjoy French Scenery

When you hear the word ‘France’ what comes to mind? You probably thought of taking a trip to Paris, seeing the Mona Lisa, and eating a baguette at a corner café. While those are all day trips you can partake in when visiting France, there is also an entire other aspect of the country for those seeking a different experience. This relates back to the trip I planned for a recent client.

This specific client wanted something completely new from a tour of Paris. We came upon the idea to go hiking in the Pyrenees mountain range. In case you didn’t know, the Pyrenees mountain range is the mountainous region separating the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe. This creates a natural border between France and Spain. A 270 mile (430 kilometer)-long border at that!

So if you’re visiting France, I would strongly suggest taking a trip to enjoy biking or hiking near this natural wonder.

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