IC Program

Interested in being an agent but not an employee? Then our IC Program is for you!

Something to know first though.

Being an IC means you are in business for yourself. Are you ready for that investment?

  1. Start-up costs
  2. Educational courses (some are free, some have costs)
  3. Convention attendance
  4. Industry memberships
  5. Time!

Our Mission for Our IC Program

To provide first class administrative support and information to independent agents whose main objective is to sell and serve their clients in their own way and with their own style as owners of their own business. We consider you our client — not our competitor. We are here to serve you.

Benefits for the IC

  • High supplier commissions.
  • Excellent relationships with suppliers and their local representatives to get things done for our mutual clients.
  • Travel Leaders brand and marketing materials to build business if desired.
  • Access to training and supplier sales reps through local office; invitations to training as they occur.
  • Our management is hands-on and available when necessary for anything.
  • Detailed bookkeeping services with daily audit to ensure sales accuracy for optimum yield on bookings.
  • Qualified backup support by experienced in-house agents.
  • Support staff for answers when needed.
  • Professional office space offered for client meetings.
  • ClientBase Online access — a CRM tool to help you manage sales and clients.
  • SEO optimized web leads through Travel Leaders national website and our local site with Agent Profiler.
  • Personal URL that goes directly to your profile online.
  • Invitation to all Travel Leaders learning and conference opportunities.
  • Flexible agreements to meet your goals.
  • Extensive network of in-country DMC vendors for customized trip planning made easy.
  • $150,000 fight insurance for clients free of charge for airline tickets booked through us.
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