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So you have decided that you love traveling, you love the thrill of planning your trips. You think you do a pretty good job of it for yourself.  All your friends ask you for your opinion when they go to the places you've been.

Sounds like you should become a Travel Agent!

Here are a few things you should think about before you get started.

  1. Being a Travel Agent is not all fun, glamour and traveling the world free or cheaply. Yes, we do get to live the rock style life occasionally, no doubt about it. But lots and lots of days of the year we are hard at work at our desks — planning everyone else's rock star weeks! Are you read for a desk job and when you do travel — traveling out of season?
  2. Being a Travel Agent means you wear a LOT of hats — do you have these hats in YOUR closet?


Sales Person

Computer Guru





Marketing Maven 

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