How to Work for Us

Our Hiring Process

As agents our job is to help clients know what to expect every step of the journey. We think that we owe you, our prospective employee, the same regard so here is a brief run-down of our hiring process when we are actively looking to fill a position.

Step one for you is to check out our open positions below — if we are actively hiring we will supply you information on where to submit your resume and a cover letter.

We conduct initial 15 to 20 minutes phone interviews with applicants who appear to have the basic qualifications for the job. We will contact you to schedule one. We also do our best to advise all of our applicants of their status once we start this active review phase. There might be a delay of a week or two as we collect resumes.

After all of our phone interviews are done the hiring manager will narrow down their choice to 4 or 5 top candidates and have them come to the office for a much more in depth interview.

From there the hiring manager will choose their top 2 or 3 candidates to complete a work-style assessment test online. Once those assessments are completed and reviewed and all is as expected, you will come back for a final interview at our headquarters where you will meet with our owner and another manager or two and potentially go home with a bit of follow up homework to do prior to our final decision.

At the same time the hiring manager will be conducting their reference checks based on your past employment and other references you supply on your applications.

Once we've made our candidate choice you will hear more from the hiring manager!

Finally, we do conduct a general background check on our final step so any offer of employment is always contingent on the successful completion of this last step.

Onboarding: Once we've got you hired and your start date set we will work on getting you all set up. Our in-house training will begin on day one and be a mix of self-study online, shadowing of others, assisting current team members as well as spending a few days at our headquarters office regardless of where your normal job will reside.


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